Plastics Engineering


This minor is designed to prepare students for careers with companies involved in the manufacturing, design, and use of polymer materials. Use of polymeric materials in industry today covers a wide and varied array of companies that value employees with a fundamental understanding of polymer materials selection, design and processing.

In addition to your normal engineering curriculum, students will take specialized courses in polymer material fundamentals, materials processing and testing, polymer design, and mold design and construction. Students will get actual hands-on experience in the Polymers Lab with extrusion, injection molding, vacuum forming and blow molding equipment.

The minor is open to any student enrolled in an engineering program.

Those interested in this minor should contact Frank Luchini, Department of Engineering Technology.

Course Requirements

PET 353 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer for Technology
PET 223  Polymer Structure, Properties & Applications
PET 224  Plastics Processing & Testing
PET 323  Plastics Product Design
PET 333  Plastics Mold Engineering & Design

Select three from the following courses:
ETD 313  Design for Manufacturing  Assembly
ETD 433  Computer Numerical Control
GE 413  Design of Experiments
GE 313  SPC and Lean Manufacturing
MGT 413 Management of Quality

Total Minor Program: 25 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Program Information


Plastics Engineering Minor


25 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN