Game Design and Esports


Covering areas such as esports history, analytics and administration, programming, and game design and development, this minor will prepare you to create your own video game or coach an esports team. It pairs well with most degrees at Trine, allowing you to explore your interests in gaming while studying in the program of your choice.

Course Requirements

Core courses (15 hours):

CSIT 1013 Esports Administration
CSIT 1023 The History of Gaming
CSIT 163 Using Programming to Solve Problems
CSIT 2013 Esports Analytics
CSIT 4013 Game Design and Development

Choose one of the following (3 hours):

CSIT 253 Artificial Intelligence and Information
COM 243 Digital Media Creation
EXS 273 Nutrition
MGT 383 Principles of Project Management
MK 203 Marketing
SM 393 Sport Psychology

*Please note that MK 203 and MGT 383 have BA 123 as a prerequisite.

Total Minor Program: 18 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Program Information


Game Design and Esports Minor


18 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN