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McKetta Department of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering

Solve global challenges

Chemical engineers are involved in every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the medicine we take and the fuel we put into our vehicles. Chemical engineers are well suited to tackle the current global challenges of:

Implementing environmentally conscious options for energy and plastics
Enabling new technologies to provide reliable supplies of food and water
Developing targeted and accessible medicines

The degree: Practical experience with a personal touch

The Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering is designed to deliver a practical, hands-on, rigorous learning experience that has consistently yielded national award-winning, sought-after graduates.


Trine University's chemical engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

McKetta Department Mission

To offer higher education in chemical and bioprocess engineering by providing a personalized learn-ing environment in which students receive mentoring, small classes, and excellent teaching combined with opportunities for research, industry, and extra-curricular experience. The program prepares graduates to succeed, lead and serve to their employers, profession and society.

AIChE Nationals

Why choose a ChE degree at Trine?

New state-of-the-art bioengineering lab facilities
5 AIChE National Design winners and 10 National safety awards since 2012
Nationally ranked ChE Jeopardy, eSports, and Car competition teams
100% of ChE faculty have industry work experience
99% placement of students in their field
85% of seniors have paid internship or Co-op experiences
Undergraduate research opportunities

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Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, September 29th - ASEC Fall Advisory Board Meeting (McKetta Study)
  • Saturday, October 7th - McKetta Homecoming Tailgate (Fluids Lab)
  • Friday, November 3rd - 6th - AIChE Annual Student Conference (Orlando, FL)

Department News:

Trine chemical engineers awarded at regional competition

High school students learn chemistry applications at Trine

Chemical engineers take Eweek title

Team finds Ecuadorian village has water in abundance thanks to Trine EWB project

Chemical Engineers are versatile and can work in a variety of fields. 

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BS in Chemical Engineering

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Lifetime Guarantee


128 hours



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Angola, IN