Aerospace Engineering


This minor is designed to prepare students for professional engineering careers in the aerospace industry or for graduate studies in the aerospace engineering field. In addition to the standard mechanical engineering curriculum, you will take advanced engineering courses covering the topics of aerodynamics, vehicle structures, reaction engines, and aircraft stability and control.

You will also develop specialized lab skills utilizing Trine's subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels. While the minor is open to any student, those enrolled in the mechanical engineering program will require no additional prerequisite courses and will be able to complete both their major and minor in the standard 132 credit hour curriculum.

Course Requirements

ES 253 Electrical Science
ES 343 Heat Transfer
MA 313 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MAE 3033 Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering

MAE 4023 System Dynamics & Controls
or MAE 453 Mechanical Vibration

Select four from the following courses:

MAE 473 Applied Aerodynamics
MAE 483 Vehicle Structures
MAE 493 Aerodynamics Laboratory
MAE 4163 Introduction to Rocket Propulsion
MAE 4173 Gas Turbines
MAE 4183 Aircraft Stability and Control

Total Minor Program:  27 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.


Program Information


Aerospace Engineering Minor


27 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN