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MPAS Mission Statement

The MPAS Program at Trine University will provide an outstanding educational experience that produces PA graduates capable of delivering safe, appropriate, effective, and cost-efficient medical care in a variety of clinical settings, while also preparing them to succeed, lead, and serve.

MPAS Vision Statement

The MPAS Program at Trine University will provide a dynamic and engaging medical education to students using a combination of traditional and case-based learning experiences with emphases on professionalism, interprofessional collaborative practice, and safe, appropriate, effective, and cost-efficient medical care. Physician Assistant History Society for educational research sponsor

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If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mailing Address

Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program
College of Health Professions
Trine University
1819 Carew Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46805






*The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Provisional status to the Trine University Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program sponsored by Trine University. Accreditation-Provisional is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding Accreditation-Provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students. 

Accreditation-Provisional does not ensure any subsequent accreditation status. It is limited to no more than five years from matriculation of the first class.  Accreditation remains in effect until the program closes or withdraws from the accreditation process or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards. The date for the next validation review of the program by the ARC-PA will be October, 2022.
The program’s accreditation history can be viewed on the ARC
PA website at: .