Braeden Pearl

April 27, 2021

Braeden Pearl developed “very effective” time management skills to balance the requirements of his biochemistry major at Trine University with being part of the men’s hockey program. Those same skills serve him well today as a business owner and as he prepares to start medical school.

The opportunity to play hockey and Trine’s academic reputation originally attracted Pearl to Trine from Canada.

“I knew Trine was the institution that would best help me accomplish both my academic and athletic aspirations,” he said.

"I genuinely want to thank everyone that was a part of my life at Trine because I couldn’t have achieved the accomplishments I did and became the person I am today without them."- Braeden Pearl

Always fascinated with science, he chose to major in biochemistry. He also felt the major would best equip him for success in a medical career.

Since graduating in 2019, he has been applying to medical schools in Canada, and will begin McGill University's Medical Program in the fall of 2021. While going through the application process, he conducted several research studies on Parkinson’s Disease at Carleton University, taught full-time at École Secondaire Publique Le Sommet, and founded a hockey advising business.

“My approach was to concentrate my efforts in the various fields that interested me,” he said. “Through these avenues, my goal was to make as much of a positive impact as possible in the lives of those around me while simultaneously growing to become a better person and future candidate for medical school.”

He knows that adding medical school to an already full schedule will challenge his time management skills.

“I'll just have to adapt my systems and improve my time management skills that much more to get everything I need to done,” he said.

Many people at Trine, played a key role in getting Pearl where he is today, including hockey coach Dan Mayes, pre-med advisor Dr. Angela Bojrab and senior research advisor Dr. Hong Park.

“I genuinely want to thank them for everything they've done for me,” he said.

He encourages current students to “continue refining your systems on a consistent basis.”

“What I mean by systems is the way you do everything; this could include time management skills, habits, character traits like consistency, honesty, etc., and everything else that's a part of the way you do things,” he said. “If you consistently improve your systems, you'll become a completely new person several years down the road and will accomplish so much more than you originally thought possible.”

“My time at Trine was an amazing experience to say the least; I met amazing people that have helped me grow in so many ways,” he said. “I genuinely want to thank everyone that was a part of my life at Trine because I couldn’t have achieved the accomplishments I did and became the person I am today without them.”

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