Amanda Day

April 09, 2022

By Lauren Banks
Communication '23

Amanda Day had always been fascinated with advertisements. As a child, she would hang her favorite ads on her bedroom wall. It was no surprise that in college she would choose to major in marketing.

Amanda received her bachelor’s in business administration, focusing on marketing and communications, from Trine University in 2009. She graduated from Spring Arbor University with an MBA in 2012, then came back to Trine for her MSL in 2020.

Amanda chose Trine partially because of the affordability offered to her through scholarships and partially because of the university’s small size.

“I honestly felt like I knew almost everyone,” she said.

"The knowledge I gained through my time at Trine still applies. It’s helped me to morph my career in an ever-changing business landscape."- Amanda Day

Amanda chose to come back to school for a second master’s because she wanted to become a better leader and help others sharpen their own leadership skills. Amanda said she was able to gain valuable practical experience while earning both her Trine degrees.

“Trine is blessed to have some great faculty and staff who had put together a rigorous curriculum. I remember doing some difficult projects that applied real-world concepts. I was also afforded opportunities through internships and work-study programs that gave me practical experience that I was able to use when entering the workforce,” she said.

Amanda worked as the manager of marketing and communications at Michigan International Speedway for a few years before transferring to Consumers Energy, the largest utility in Michigan. At first, she served as the senior marketing manager for Energy Waste Reduction programs. Currently, Amanda is working as a project manager focusing on her departments waste elimination efforts, which can save the organization millions of dollars.

“Even though I’m no longer working in a marketing capacity, the knowledge I gained through my time at Trine still applies. It’s helped me to morph my career in an ever-changing business landscape. Going back to get my second master’s degree has helped me continue to build my career,” she said.

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Amanda Day
Senior Partner Manager, Consumers Energy
MSL 2020

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