Financial Aid FAQ's


There are several options. Federal financial aid may be available. In addition, students can apply for loans, company tuition reimbursement, or pay out of pocket in full or through our convenient pay plan.

Yes. Deferred billing is available. You can download the form or ask your advisor for more information.

Your summer financial aid eligibility depends on many different factors. For an answer on your individual eligibility, we encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office at or 877-294-4878.

No. We do not have any special lab fees.

The cost of books is in addition to tuition. Financial aid can be used for the purchase of your books.

Excellent question! There could be many reasons why those items are not showing on the bill. The Financial Aid Office will be able to answer that question and help you. Please contact the financial aid staff at 877-294-4878 or e-mail

Refunds of credit balance, due to Title IV Federal aid, will be issued on the dates provided in the academic calendar based on enrollment. The refund will be processed one of two ways:

Direct Deposits:
Your refund may be processed as a direct deposit. How? Go to myPortal > Student (log in) > My Student Account > Refund Request (submit). Your information will automatically be stored securely in our database; no need to submit again unless you need to update your information. It is a quick and easy way to receive a refund!

If you do not submit direct deposit information through myPortalOpens in new window, your refund will be processed as a check and mailed to your legal/home address.

The 1098-T form is necessary if you will be claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. The forms are available on myPortalOpens in new window each year by the January 31st deadline. For questions about the tax credits, please contact your tax advisor or go to the IRS website and look at Publication 970.

To print your 1098-T form, log in your myPortal account and click on the Student tab. You will then see the 1098-T form Printing selection on the left-hand side. Click on this to print the form.

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Office Phone: 877-294-4878