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The Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology is one of the more popular majors through TrineOnline. This online degree offers you a solid education in this behavioral science through diverse course offerings, covering forensic psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of addiction, counseling, personality, human sexuality and marriage and family.  

Students pursuing a Bachelor's of Science with a major in Psychology are able to take optional specialized Addictions Counseling coursework in order to satisfy the educational requirements for the Licensed Addiction Counselor examination requirements.

The Experience

As a student in the Bachelor's degree in Psychology program, you will study human behavior while honing your research and analytical skills. Student also can combine psychology with criminal justice to double major in one of the nation's fastest growing job fields. We have advisors who are knowledgeable and will assist you in getting as much value as possible from your experience at Trine.

The Results

As a graduate of  psychology program, you will be prepared for employment in a wide variety of community settings or for graduate degrees.

Additional Information


A Bachelor of Science with a Psychology Major requires 120 credit hours.

General Education – 36 hours

Math Elective
Biology Elective
Math or Science Elective
Humanities Elective
HIS 103 and HIS 113 or HIS 203 and HIS 213
SP 203 Effective Speaking or COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
SOC 103 Principles of Sociology
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
POLS 113 Intro to Government
ENG 143 College Composition
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar

Additional hours – 36 hours

UE 111 Online Learning Orientation
35 Hours Free Electives

Content Requirements – 48 hours

Required Core (6 hours)
PSY 303 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 453 Clinical Internship Or PSY 473 Psychology Capstone Demonstration

Subject Area Concentrations

Choose four of the following clinical core courses (12 hours):
PSY 323 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 363 Human Behavior and Counseling
PSY 403 Human Sexuality
PSY 413 The Psychology of Addiction
PSY 423 Counseling Theories and Practice

Choose two of the following social/cognitive core courses (6 hours):
PSY 333 Psychology of Personality
PSY 343 Social Psychology
PSY 373 Political Psychology

Choose two of the following developmental core courses (6 hours):
PSY 223 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSY 353 Child and Adolescent Psychology
SOC 323 The Family

Additional Psychology Core Electives

Choose 18 hours from any above subject area courses not used or from the list below.
PSY 313 Topics in Psychology
PSY 383 Forensic Psychology
PSY 433 Issues of Substance Abuse in Family Systems
PSY 443 Advance Forensic Psychology
PSY 483 Counseling Issues in Substance Abuse
PSY 493 Issues and Ethics in Psychology and Counseling
SOC 313 Topics in Sociology
SOC 343 Social Psychology (Same as PSY 343)
SM 393 Sport Psychology

Optional: Addictions Counseling License Preparation

PSY 333 Psychology of Personality
PSY 353 Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSY 363 Counseling
PSY 413 Psychology of Addiction
PSY 423 Counseling Theory and Practices
PSY 433 Issues in Substance Abuse Family Systems
PSY 483 Counseling Issues Substance Abuse
PSY 493 Issues and Ethics in Psychology/ Counseling
SOC 323 The Family

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

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Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology


120 hours



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