Industrial Engineering Technology


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Become a manufacturing leader

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology (BSIET) online degree at Trine University will prepare you to succeed, lead and serve within the manufacturing sector.

The degree: All facets of industrial engineering

The Trine University Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology curriculum will offer you a comprehensive review of industrial engineering technology, from basic drafting of geometric sections to managing teams of professionals in an ever-changing environment.

You also have an option to earn graduate credit toward Master of Science in Engineering Management while working on this bachelor's degree. Through this combined degree program, you can finish both degrees in just four years and save up to $8,625!

The experience: Learn to evaluate processes

You will learn to apply concepts and skills such as Lean manufacturing, process improvement, industrial data analysis, problem solving and industrial leadership to evaluate manufacturing and assembly processes.    

The result: Increased quality, improved production

As a Trine University BSIET graduate, you will emerge into the workforce as a leader with a strong manufacturing foundation ready to uncover opportunities to increase production quality while reducing costs and lead times, all while maintaining safe and regulation-compliant work environments. You will be able to apply quality inspection, quality assurance and continuous process improvement methodologies to improve manufacturing processes and operations. You also will be able to lead teams as well as manage budgets and facilities.

Additional Information


The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Technology requires 120 credit hours.

General Education - 40 credit hours

ENG 133 Technical Communications
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar
SP 203 Effective Speaking
ECO 203 Survey of Economics
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
CH 104 General Chemistry I
MA 123 Trigonometry
MA 134 Calculus I
MA 253 Statistics
PH 154 College Physics I
PH 164 College Physics II
Humanities Elective - 3 credit hours

Additional Program Requirements - 29 credit hours

BA 123 Business Concepts
BA 201 Professional Development & Strategies
BA 213 Advanced Spreadsheets for Business
UE 111 Online Learning Orientation
Electives - 21 credit hours

Industrial Engineering Technology Core - 39 credit hours

BA 433 Business Analytics
CSIT 163 Using Programming to Solve Problems
ETD 103 Basic Technical Drawing
ETD 163 Environmental Health & Safety
ETD 273 Electrical Fundamentals
ETD 333 Statics/Strength of Materials
IET 123 Materials and Industrial Processes
IET 233 Innovations in Industrial Automation
IET 253 Quality Inspection Techniques and Tools
IET 313 Industrial Manufacturing and Assembly
IET 403 Quality Assurance
IET 413 Senior Capstone Proposal
IET 423 Senior Capstone Project

Management/Leadership Requirements - 12 credit hours

MGT 323 Leadership
MGT 373 Facility Management
MGT 383 Principles of Project Management
MGT 423 Supply Chain Management

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology


120 hours



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