Saanie Sulley

Saanie Sulley

TrineOnline - Healthcare Informatics

MD, St. Martinus University; MBA, Columbia Southern University; PhD, Rutgers University


I enjoy working with students, researchers and diverse stakeholders in developing new products to improve health care and health outcomes. I am enthusiastic about learning about new technology and its potential application to health and biomedical informatics. I enjoy taking long walks and watching soccer (football) during my leisure time.

I think it imperative every student comes to a course or class enthusiastically willing to explore new things out of their comfort zones. It is always my objective to aid students in finding their specific niche where they can establish themselves. Understanding the basics of concepts and ideas is fundamental to this objective, so I emphasize student enthusiasm.

I like to always engage my students in projects I am working on to aid them in understanding the direct, indirect or nuanced applications of core concepts covered in class. I look forward to learning and working with the Trine community.