Trine Main Campus Media Policy

Members of the media are welcome on the Trine University campus. However, in order to ensure the privacy and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and guests, we request that all news media contact the media representative (listed below) for the specific area of coverage. We will then notify the Department of Campus Safety and provide you with the most convenient parking. For event coverage, the department will provide you with specific media coverage instructions and media check-in information/media pass.

The faculty and staff of Trine University are open to talking with reporters but generally will refer questions to the Vice President of University Marketing and Communications (UMC), unless arranged in advance. Employees of the University may also notify the UMC when media crews or reporters are on the campus. Advance notice to the UMC of a campus visit will assure that you will have little trouble obtaining interviews and access.

For the safety and privacy of students, photography or videography is expressly prohibited in residence halls and classrooms without the prior approval of the UMC. We are willing to assist reporters, photographers, and videographers in accessing these areas for story footage, file photos, and interviews, but need to make arrangements in advance with the faculty or staff members in charge of the area during a media visit.

When interviewing the faculty, staff, or students of Trine University, please be aware that the opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect the official position of the institution. We want you to have the most complete and accurate information. For an official statement regarding the university's position on a certain topic or issue, please contact University Marketing and Communications directly.

In the event of an emergency, the President of Trine University, a designated representative of the President of Trine University or any law enforcement or fire personnel can prohibit public access to the Trine campus and/or any of its sites. The Director of University Marketing and Communications or a communication team member will either provide information via press releases, the university web site, and/or establish a location for the dissemination of information. Every attempt will be made to provide safe, legal, accurate and quick access to information and photo/video locations.

Why Trine University has these guidelines

  • To provide the most efficient and helpful service to members of the news media.
  • To protect the privacy rights and safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests.
  • To secure the right of students, faculty, staff, and guests to provide or deny prior permission before being filmed or photographed.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment in the case of an emergency or crisis.
  • To provide accurate information.

If you have any questions, please contact University Marketing and Communications:

University Marketing and Communications
Trine University
One University Ave.
Angola, IN 46703