Max Gong

Max GongAssistant Professor
Jim and Joan Bock Department of Biomedical Engineering
(260) 665-4674 |

Areas of Expertise:

Lab-on-a-chip technology for medical diagnostics
Organ-on-a-chip technology for cancer research

Degrees Earned:

Bachelor of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto.

Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering, University of Guelph.

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto.

Work History:

Trine University | 2019 - Present

  • Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison | 2015 - 2019

  • Postdoctoral Fellow


Karina M. Lugo-Cintrón, Jose M. Ayuso, Jose M. Ayuso, Mouhita Humayun, Max M. Gong, Sheena C. Kerr, Suzanne M. Ponik, Paul M. Harari, María Virumbrales-Muñoz, David J. Beebe, "Primary head and neck tumour-derived fibroblasts promote lymphangiogenesis in a lymphatic organotypic co-culture model." EBioMedicine 73, 103634, 2021.

Max M. Gong, Reza Nosrati, Maria C. San Gabriel, Armand Zini, David Sinton, "Direct DNA Analysis with Paper-Based Ion Concentration Polarization." Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (43), 13913-13919, 2015.

Max M. Gong, David Sinton, "Turning the Page: Advancing Paper-Based Microfluidics for Broad Diagnostic Application," Chemical Reviews 117 (12), 8447-8480, 2017.

Max M. Gong, Karina M. Lugo-Cintron, Bridget R. White, Sheena C. Kerr, Paul M. Harari, David J. Beebe, "Human Organotypic Lymphatic Vessel Model Elucidates Microenvironment-Dependent Signaling and Barrier Function," Biomaterials 214, 119225, 2019.

Jose M. Ayuso, Max M. Gong, Melissa C. Skala, Paul M. Harari, David J. Beebe, "Human Tumor-Lymphatic Microfluidic Model Reveals Differential Conditioning of Lymphatic Vessels by Breast Cancer Cells," Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (3), 1900925, 2020.

Maria Virumbrales-Munoz, Jose M. Ayuso, Max M. Gong, Mouhita Humayun, Megan K. Livingston, Karina M. Lugo-Cintron, Patrick McMinn, Yasmin R. Alvarez-Garcia, David J. Beebe, "Microfluidic Lumen-Based Systems for Advancing Tubular Organ Modeling," Chemical Society Reviews, DOI: 10.1039/d0cs00705f. 

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