University celebrates COVID Heroes

February 16, 2021

From business owners and employees to frontline essential workers and stay-at-home parents, millions are dealing with an immeasurable level of disruption to their daily lives, and deserve to be recognized for exceeding our expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We sent out the call, and many of you answered. Nominations came from near and far for COVID-19 Heroes across the country, and we are happy to celebrate them and their efforts. As we continue to receive nominations, here is the current running list:

  • Christopher Osborne, 2010, CE – leading COVID-19 vaccine efforts at Pfizer
  • Jennifer Tobey, 1993, Biology – exceptional leadership and service
  • Emily Plavchak, 2019, DPT – working directly with patients as a Doctor of physical therapy sacrificing time with family
  • Rachel Easter, 2012, Forensic Science – exceptional job dedication during pandemic
  • Mason Bowers, 2020, Biology – CNA critical care ward, COVID floor of Oakland Hospital
  • Michael Dean, 2006, Social Sciences – helping physicians and medical students
  • Shelby Schnarr, 2013, Chemistry/Forensic Science – helped create Pfizer vaccine
  • Abigail Boatright, 2014, Psychology – school guidance counselor
  • Erin LaCross, 2001, CJ/Psychology – Chief Nursing Officer at Parkview Hospital
  • Chris Osborne 2010 BSCE and Renee Schumacher 2011 BSCHEM

    Chris Osborne 2010 BSCE and Renee Schumacher 2011 BSCHEM - Leading COVID-19 vaccine efforts at Pfizer

  • Jennifer Tobey 1993 BSBIO

    Jennifer Tobey 1993 BSBIO - Exceptional leadership and service

  • Emily Plavchak 2019 DPT

    Emily Plavchak 2019 DPT - Working directly with patients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Rachel Easter 2012 BSFS

    Rachel Easter 2012 BSFS - Water bacteriology chemist - essential worker

  • Mason Bowers 2020 BSBIO

    Mason Bowers 2020 BSBIO - CNA critical care ward, COVID floor of Oakland Hospital

  • Michael Dean 2006 BSSocSci

    Michael Dean 2006 BSSocSci - Helping physicians and medical students

  • Abigail Boatwright 2014 BSPSY

    Abigail Boatwright 2014 BSPSY - School guidance counselor

Last Updated: 02/16/2021

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