28 inducted into Order of the Engineer

May 11, 2017

Twenty-eight seniors in Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering & Technology were inducted into the Order of the Engineer during a recent ceremony.

The following students participated in the May 10 ring ceremony in Best Hall:

  • Zachary Bailey of Greenfield, a mechanical engineering major
  • Blake Balka of LaGrange, a mechanical engineering major
  • Adam Boles of Pittsboro, a mechanical engineering major
  • Andrew Bunting of Medina, Ohio, a chemical engineering major
  • Kaitlyn Clark of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a mechanical engineering major
  • Alexandria Claudy of Hudson, a chemical engineering major
  • Bradley Cooper of New Haven, a mechanical engineering major
  • Emily Dunn of Doylestown, Ohio, a mechanical engineering major
  • Devin Gingerich of Middlebury, a computer engineering major
  • Blake Gurzynski of Wauseon, Ohio, a mechanical engineering major
  • Peter Howland of Elmhurst, Illinois, a computer engineering major
  • Bridget Marlow of Trafalgar, a chemical engineering major
  • Gage McGrath of Clyde, Ohio, an electrical engineering major
  • Oanh Nguyen of Seattle, Washington, a chemical engineering major
  • Kelsey Ortiz of Swanton, Ohio, a chemical engineering major
  • Austin Roberts of Westfield Center, Ohio, a mechanical engineering major
  • Joseph Robinson of Fort Wayne, a chemical engineering major
  • Allyson Ross of Akron, a mechanical engineering major
  • Aissatou Samaque of Angola, a chemical engineering major
  • Cory Sank of Angola, a mechanical engineering major
  • Zachary Schiller of Rives Junction, Michigan, a mechanical engineering major
  • Kirstan Scott of Lima, Ohio, a chemical engineering major
  • Kathleen Seeley of Zanesfield, Ohio, a mechanical engineering major
  • Jacob Swanson of Lafayette, a mechanical engineering major
  • Kaitlin Tubbs of Berne, a computer engineering major
  • Christopher Vojtko of Benton Harbor, Michigan, a mechanical engineering major
  • Cameron Voss of Pierceton, an electrical engineering major
  • Lila Wilczynska of Granger, a chemical engineering major

The ring ceremony is the public induction of candidates into the Order of the Engineer, a fellowship of engineers who are trained in science and technology and dedicated to the practice, teaching or administration of their profession.

During the ceremony, engineering students are invited to accept the Obligation of the Engineer and a stainless steel ring is placed on the smallest finger of the working hand. The obligation is a formal statement of an engineer’s responsibilities to the public and to the profession. Both the order and the obligation serve to stimulate public recognition by engineers of two basic principles: that the primary purpose of the engineering profession is the protection of the public health, safety and welfare; and that all members of the engineering profession share a common bond.

Darryl Webber, Ph.D., chair of the Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, asked each pledge to come forward when he read their name. Then, each pledge placed his/her working hand through the 12-inch diameter opening of a ceremonial stainless steel ring and a ring was placed on the pinky finger by John Wagner, Ph.D., chair of the McKetta Department of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. Tim Tyler, Ph.D., dean of the Allen School of Engineering and Technology, read about the origins of the Order of the Engineer. Kevin Molyet, Ph.D., associate professor in the Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, also assisted with the ceremony.

Trine University conducted its first ring ceremony in November 1978.

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