Trine professors publish book of reflective essays

February 17, 2017

Beyond Hailsham

By Annanelle Elder
Communications ’17

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, the Trine HAC Press released its second book, “Beyond Hailsham” to the public.

The book is a collection of essays reflecting on Kazuo Ishiguro’s critically acclaimed novel, “Never Let Me Go”, which was the selection for the Freshman Reading Engagement Experience (FREE) this year.  Ishiguro’s novel tells the dystopian story of human clones who are made to donate their organs as young adults.

The Trine Humanities and Communication Department hosted a Humanities Symposium in September delving into the ethics of organ donation and Ishiguro’s novel.

 “Beyond Hailsham” turns its focus to the reflections of professors who have read the book. It features a lineup of Trine Humanities and Communication staff including Cassandra Bausman, Ph.D.; Jeannette Goddard, Ph.D.; Sarah Young, Ph.D; Tim Hopp, Ph.D.; Alison Witte, Ph.D.; and Justin Young.

“I think that it is enlightening to see how experts in the field respond so differently to the novel. It illustrates that literature is extremely powerful, but it can affect people really differently,” said Goddard.

“Beyond Hailsham” is available for free on Apple iBooks and ePub formats. It is also available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99. 

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