Area children enjoy 2015 Math Kids Night

April 06, 2015

math kids night

By Catherine E. Porter
marketing and communication major ’16

Trine University hosted another successful Math Kids Night last month on March 20.

Children from nearby elementary schools participated in this free night of mathematics-centered fun and games. More than 80 children were in attendance this year to fill Hershey Hall with activities that ranged from board games, mazes and puzzles to math basketball and Twister.

“We are very pleased to be in our fifth year. Math club president Eric Ader and vice president Alexandra Slick, together with the other team members, have done a phenomenal job in making it a fun-filled learning event,” said Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., the Math Club’s academic advisor. “We plan to continue giving our best to the community.”

A new learning aspect was incorporated into the annual Math Kids Night this year as Kathy Pollock tied reading into math education. Pollock, an assistant professor in the teacher education department at Trine University, specializes in the role of reading in learning.

The Trine University Math Club, along with many volunteers from the teacher education program, worked to make Math Kids Night possible.

Looking to the future, the Math Club has high hopes that it can improve each year and grow to accommodate the increase in interest that children are showing for math.

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