2021 Cunningham Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following authors on penning this year's winning submissions:


First Place: Jessica Griffioen, an English and Communications major, for “I'll Make a Subversive Reading Out of You: How Disney's Mulan Works Against the Patriarchal Gender Binary and Compulsory Heterosexuality."

Second Place and Student Choice Award: Meghan Schrader, an English and Communications major, for “Apologetic Speech Patterns in Women."

Third Place: Parker Tillmon, a Forensic Science major, for “Literary Analysis of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah."

Creative Non-Fiction:

First Place: Alaina Sallee, an English major, for "Don't Ask. Don't Tell."

Second Place: Upasana Shrestha, a Biomedical Engineering major, for "The Accent of You."

Third Place and Student Choice Award: Meghan Schrader for "The Five Stages of Grief for the Young, Dumb, and Broken."


First Place and Student Choice Award: Kendra Truesdale, a Math Education major, for “Cake and Dirt."

Second Place: Amelia Mills, an English and Pre-Law major, for "A Work in Progress."

Third Place: Andrea Davenport, a Secondary English Education major, for "Piano."


First Place: Meghan Schrader for "My Mother's Ghost."

Second Place: Eden Diller, a Chemical Engineering major, for “Metaphorical Lover."

Third Place: Amelia Mills for "Moonlight."

Honorable Mention:Upasana Shrestha for "Things I Learnt in America."

Student Choice Award: Isabel Newcom, an English Education major, for "Gold."

This year's winning submissions are also available for purchase in a bound book, created and edited by the Writing Center tutors, for $5.00. Please contact Dr. Janelle Pulczinski at pulczinski@trine.edu for information on how to purchase your own copy of these wonderful examples of creativity and scholarship!