2020 Cunningham Winners

The winners for 2020 are as follows:


First: Mycah Houser, an English major from Valparaiso, Indiana, for “Feminist Rhetoric of ‘Nightmare.’ ”

Second: Madison Sanderson, a communication major from Leo, Indiana, for “Rhetorical Analysis of Thor Odinson’s Visual Representation.”

Third: Alaina Sallee, an English major from Winamac, Indiana, for “Women’s Obsession with True Crime: Taking the Power Back.”


First: Upasana Shrestha, a biomedical engineering major from Nepal, for “Running.”

Second: Travis Mersing, a chemical engineering major from Swanton, Ohio, for “The Visits,” and Adrian Files, an electrical engineering major from Holland, Ohio, for “That Was Then, This is Now.”


First: Andrea Davenport, an English education major from Downers Grove, Illinois, for “Angel.”

Second: Mycah Houser for “Decay.


First: Eden Diller, a chemical engineering major from Fort Wayne, Indiana, for “My God.”

Second: Meghan Schrader, an English major from Fort Wayne, Indiana, for “White Girl on Immigration.”

Third: Eden Diller for “You.”

Photo: Front, from left, Upasana Shrestha, Madison Sanderson, Meghan Schrader, Eden Diller, Andrea Davenport; back, Travis Mersing, Adrian Files, Mycah Houser and Alaina Sallee.