Bauzo studies abroad in Rome

Which Communication major earned 3 credit hours, gained firsthand experience with his own culture, and ate gelato every day for a month and a half this summer? If you guessed senior Fernando Bauzo, congratulations–you’re right!

Bauzo studied at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy from May 19 to June 27. He was accompanied by several other American students from across the country and finished out his history minor by taking a 3 credit hour class, History of Ancient Rome and Italy.

When asked why he wanted to study abroad in Italy, Bauzo responded, “My mother’s side of the family comes from Italy, so I really wanted a chance to experience Italian culture and see what it was like to be Italian.”

When he wasn’t studying, Bauzo spent time touring some of Italy’s historic landmarks.

Bauzo in Rome showing Thunder Pride
Bauzo in Rome showing some Thunder pride.

“The first weekend after class started, I went to Milan. My friends and I went shopping, and we watched the end of the Giro d’Italia,” Bauzo shared.

Bauzo went on to explain that the Giro d’Italia is one of the largest international bicycling races in the world.

“It was incredible to watch the race in Milan,” Bauzo stated. “The whole city was filled with energy. As the racers came in, the crowd went wild. I could hardly hear my friends, and we were only inches from each other.”

Bauzo also visited Napoli, Capri, Mt. Vesuvius, and the ruins of Pompeii.

Bauzo outside of Trevi Fountain.
Bauzo outside of Trevi Fountain.

“My last major outing was a trip to the Vatican with my roommate,” Bauzo said. “We walked around the museum and had the opportunity to go inside the Sistine Chapel. I couldn’t believe I was actually there in person.”

Bauzo asserts that visiting another country is the only way to truly expand one’s knowledge about another culture.

“You can read and watch shows about [another country], but nothing is better than experiencing it firsthand,” Bauzo shared. “People always say that want to travel when they’re older, but that’s never guaranteed. Travel now while you’re young – while you still have these kinds of opportunities.”