Housing Requirements and Application Process

Trine students are required to live on campus. Students who are married, responsible for a dependent child, living at home with a parent or legal guardian (within 50 miles of Angola), or are 21 years of age before August 1 may be waived from this requirement.

Students with a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher who have completed 60 credit hours and lived on campus for four semesters, may be approved to move into a University recognized Sorority / Fraternity House or Christian Campus House. 

The Residential Room and Board Contract is binding for the entire academic year. It is required to be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) to reside in campus housing. This only applies to first-time residents. Returning residents do not need to submit another deposit.

All students must have the written approval from the Housing Department prior to moving off campus. If a student fails to receive a proper contract release or provides false information, then the student may be subject to room and board charges for the entire contract term and additional actions up to and including dismissal from Trine University.

You can fill out the request to move-off campus form by clicking here.

To cancel a room selection, a written request must be submitted to the Housing Department by May 1 for the following fall semester. Failure to give written notification by May 1 or breaking the housing contract anytime during the academic year will result in forfeiture of the $150 housing deposit.

Housing and Enrollment Deposit Application Process for new students:

  1. Submit a $300 enrollment fee which includes $150 for the housing deposit.
  2. The Housing Department will contact you via email providing instructions to begin the housing process after the deposit has been received.

The $300 enrollment and housing deposit is not refundable after May 1st. An enrollment fee must be complete before a housing selection can be made.

New/ Scholar/Transfer Student Application Timeline

Section 1 of the Application Opens

  • Personal Information, Housing Preferences, Roommate Search Profile, Meal Plan Selection, and Sign the Housing Contract

December 1st at 8:00 AM (EST)

  • All student classifications may begin filling out the Housing Application

Section 2 of the Application Opens

  • Roommate Group Selection and Room Selection

February 27th at 8:00 AM (EST)

  • Scholar Students ONLY
    • Students may view their classification on the “Personal Information” page within the application.

March 6th at 8:00 AM (EST)

  • New and Transfer Students
    • Students may view their classification on the “Personal Information” page within the application.


Returning Student Application Timeline 

The 2023-2024 Housing Application Opens

  • Personal and housing information, meal plan selection, and sign the housing contract.
December 5th at 8:00 AM (EST)

Roommate Group Selection Begins

  • Groups can be sizes of 2,3,4,5,6 depending on housing style and location.
January 16th to February 6th

Room Selection Begins

  • Room selection will open at 8:00 AM on each of the selection dates.

February 13th to February 20th

  • Senior ONLY Groups
    • 2/13 - 2/14
  • Senior/Junior Groups
    • 2/15 - 2/16
  • Sophomore/All Mixed Groups
    • 2/17 - 2/20