Health and Wellness

Students hanging out in a hammock

It′s the goal of Trine's health and wellness programs to enhance our students' overall well being and to empower students  to reach their maximum potential.  The student health and wellness clinic can provide comprehensive health services to meet the medical and psychological needs of our students. 

Student Health and Wellbeing Advocate

At Trine University, our goal is to promote and support the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of students. Jessica Taylor provides one-on-one support for students with wellness-related needs. She assists students with locating mental and/or physical health resources, developing stress management strategies, improving executive function, optimizing sleep and nutrition, and anything else that a student may need to maintain their overall health. In addition to individualized support, we also offer various types of wellness activities. These include group fitness classes (yoga, Zumba, etc.), therapy dog sessions, and massages during finals week. 

During their college years, students often experience growth and change.  At times, college can be frustrating, stressful and psychological distress can occur. Trine has three Licensed Clinicians available to meet the needs of students. Our Clinicians can provide confidential, short term personal counseling to all students enrolled at Trine free of charge. 

Health Center
Trine's health center is located at Quest Hall. Appointments can be made with our certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant who can assess and diagnose health care problems, perform physical examinations, treat both minor and acute illnesses, as well as chronic health problems. Our medical providers can also prescribe medication and consult with external providers as needed.

Many online resources exist for student use. Listed are several links to sites and phone numbers that explore issues students may encounter. 

Tobacco Free Campus
January 1, 2011, marked the date when Trine went tobacco free. This is a campus-wide initiative that is designed to produce a higher quality of life for students, faculty and the campus community as a whole. 

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