Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of believers that seek to maintain a strong relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and be lights for God on and off campus. FCA holds meetings every Thursday night at 9:00pm in Witmer Clubhouse. These meetings consist of, depending on the week, devotions, fellowship, games, and food. FCA meetings are very relaxed, so come as you are. This is a protestant, non-denominational fellowship, and if, in the past, you were a regular attender at FCA, regular attender at church, never been to an FCA meeting, or never been to church, guess what? You are accepted here! Even though FCA consists of many athletes, and is based around sports, it is more importantly based on God. You do not have to be in a sport at Trine, or even be involved in sports at all, to join this fellowship. One of the many qualities of this great group is that there are no “cliques” within this organization, rather each member of FCA embraces the opportunity to get to know everyone on a deeper level than just one’s name. There are no qualifications for membership other than simply attending.

For more information about this fellowship, contact one of the following:

RJ Flowers
Chemical Engineering Major
(616) 928-7131

Jarred Packard
Chemical Engineering Major
(712) 304-2179

Andrew Dee
Chemical Engineering Major
(567) 208-3742

Jeff Perkey
Mechanical Engineering Major
(574) 527-4845