Hailey Dykstra

Hailey Dykstra is a 2016 graduate from Indiana University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Hailey is no stranger to Trine University and the surrounding area, as she has grown up in Angola, Indiana, and has lived here most of her life. She even worked at Zollner right here on Trine’s campus for 3 years while in college!

Outside of the office, Hailey loves spending time outside; hiking, going to the lake, golfing, and spending time with family and friends are some of her favorites. She never gets tired of exploring new areas and enjoying pretty scenery! If she isn’t outside, you can usually find Hailey with her dog, her friends or family, reading, or doing puzzles.

Hailey loves the close-knit, caring community Trine offers to its students and can’t wait to help individuals find their new home here!

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Hailey Dykstra
Associate Director of Admission