Transfer Credit

Trine University works closely with students and colleges/universities within the region and across the United States to ensure a seamless transfer of credits. 


Credits may be eligible for transfer using the below guidelines for higher education institutions, credit by examinations, military credit, or prior learning. An official evaluation of transfer credit shall be processed when the University receives an official transcript, exam scores, or documentation of the completed coursework. 

  • Credits earned from an approved college or university where work completed is of similar rigor and content to the course offerings available at Trine University
  • A grade of "C" or higher must have been earned in the course
  • An official transcript or exam scores sent from the institution directly to Trine University
  • Remedial or preparatory courses are not eligible for transfer
  • Equivalent or duplicate credit already awarded or earned at Trine University is not eligible for transfer
  • Only the credit will transfer, not the grade earned from the other institution
  • A maximum of 90 transfer credits from college/university transfer courses, college level examinations, military coursework, or experiential learning can apply toward a baccalaureate degree. Up to 45 transfer credits can apply toward an associate degree. 
  • Residency requirements:
    • Baccalaureate degree - a student must earn a minimum of 30 credits at Trine. Thirty of the last 60 credits of a four-year degree program must be taken at Trine. 
    • Associate degree - a student must earn a minimum of 15 credits at Trine. Fifteen of the last 30 credits of a two-year degree program must be taken at Trine.

Please request official transcripts or scores be sent from the college or university to


A maximum of six (6) semester hours of graduate course credit may be counted toward completion of a graduate degree at Trine University with a grade of B or above and with the approval of the program chair/director and dean. All other courses must be taken at Trine University. Transfer credit will not include a grade and, therefore, will not impact the student’s GPA. Courses used to satisfy the requirements of a bachelor’s degree cannot be applied to a master’s degree. The final 15 credit hours must be received within Trine University. This transfer credit policy does not apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master of Physician Assistant Studies, Master of Science in Nursing, nor the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology programs.



Advanced Placement (AP) Examination

Credit may be given for a score of 3 or higher (4 or higher in Calculus) for one or more of the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Final scores should be sent directly to Trine University. For more information about ordering official scores please visit

AP Transfer Equivalency

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)  Examination

Students can earn CLEP credit with a minimum exam score of 50, note some subjects require a higher score for transfer eligibility. For more information, the CLEP exam subjects, or ordering your official CLEP scores please visit  

CLEP Transfer Equivalency

International Baccalaureate (IB) High Level Examination

Students who complete an IB High Level exam, with a minimum score of 5, will be eligible for credit transfer. IB High Level exam scores must be sent directly to Trine University for transfer consideration.

IB - High Level Transfer Equivalency

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) - Angola Campus

Trine University recognizes that PLTW programs help prepare students for careers in engineering, technology, and science. PLTW high school courses must have been completed with a grade of B or better, the student must be enrolled in a PTLW eligible program at Trine. 

PLTW Transfer Equivalency

Credit is awarded for coursework offered by the military as recommended by the American Council on Education in its Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.

Students can earn DANTES DSST credit with passing exam scores in the area of Business, Math, Humanities Physical Science, Social Science, and Technology. For more information, the DSST exam subjects, or ordering your official DSST scores please visit

Trine University recognizes that knowledge gained outside of a classroom may be relevant to your academic degree program. Learning experiences gained through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for direct course or elective credit. 

Indiana College Core (ICC) and Core Transfer Library (CTL)                                             TransferIN

Trine University is a member of the Indiana Core Transfer Library, assuring courses will transfer seamlessly from all Indiana public college/university campuses to Trine University. 

Find out how your courses will transfer
On the CTL website, use the 'Institution' menu to select Trine University and the college/university that awarded your credit. Next use the 'Institution' menu to select the CTL name of the course. 

CTL Name Review

How will my courses transfer? 

Trine University has established partnerships with neighboring colleges and universities in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky, as well as schools throughout the United States. Click below to find out how your credits might transfer to Trine University. 

Course Transfer Equivalency

If your course is not listed, please contact our office at to learn more about opportunities for credit transfer.