Trine Dual Enrollment Summer Courses

Why Take Summer Courses?storm 
  • Drastically reduced costs compared to taking courses as an undergrad, $50 a Credit Hour 
  • Prepares you to transition into the world of college & challenges you academically by raising the level of expectations
  • Potential to significantly cut the time until your graduation from high school or college
  • Credits earned may transfer on the Indiana Credit Transfer Library (CTL)
    • If its on the CTL, and you earn those credits with us, it will transfer across Indiana to any public and most private universities
How to Register

  New Students

  1. Click on the "Summer Courses Start Here" button on the left and complete the application & student agreement form
  2. Send us an email with your course request

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  Current Dual Enrollment Students

  1. Simply send us an email with the courses you want to take

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Online Course Options


online courses

  • BIO 114 Principles of Biology
  • CH 104 General Chemistry I
  • CH 114 General Chemistry II


  • ENG 143 College Composition
  • SP 203 Effective Speaking

Humanities and Social Science


  • ECO 213 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
  • HIS 103 American History I
  • HIS 113 American History II
  • POLS 113 Introduction to Government
  • PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
  • SOC 103 Principles of Sociology


  • MA 113 College Algebra
  • MA 123 Trigonometry
  • MA 134 Calculus I
Course Calendar 

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