Parents and Guardians, welcome to Trine’s Office of Dual Enrollment. Here you will find information and links to resources specific to you, including financial aid information. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

About Us

Find out more about our Dual Enrollment team here at Trine University as well as how to reach out to us. About Us

Course Search, Application, and Enrollment Information

Interested in what courses are available for the upcoming semester or curious about the application and enrollment process? Click the link to find the answer to those questions and more! Course Search & Application  

Make a Payment

Ready to  make a payment, the whole process is very easy with our Make a Payment Page, to learn about how to make a payment, visit out How-To Make a Payment video. All you will need is your student's ID number and how much is owed, both will be found on the invoice mailed to you. If you have any questions about billing please reach out to our Business Office or to our Dual Enrollment Office and we will be glad to help.

Cost for Dual Enrollment

physics labCost is always a consideration with any higher education, dual enrollment is no different. However, dual enrollment has the significant advantage at offering educational opportunities that you would expect from an exceptional institution like Trine University at a fraction of the cost. Because the courses are being offered to students still in high school, we are able to offer deep discounts per credit hour which are listed below:

  • Academic Experience:
  • Guided Experience/Online Experience:
  • Campus Experience:
  • $25 per credit hour
  • $33-50 per credit hour
  • $95 per credit hour

Future Trine Students: If you are a dual enrollment student whose thinking about attending Trine University after high school and wish to find more information about FASFA and financial aid; go to our Financial Aid Page or feel free to reach out to Financial Aid Office here on campus. For information about scholarships go to our Scholarships Page, students that successfully complete a semester of dual enrollment automatically is eligible to receive the $1,000 Trine Dual Enrollment Award.   

Available Courses

vClick on the link to see some of our courses that are available through Trine's Office of Dual Enrollment as well as Pre-College Pathways, and Degrees. Course Offerings, Pathways, and Degrees & Course Schedule

Plan a Visit

touring campusIf you haven't quite made up your mind yet, or you have but you still want to come visit us anyways; plan a visit today, we are always happy to meet our future Trine students.


Eligibility & Application for Dual Enrollment

trine orientationIn order to be considered eligible for the Dual Enrollment program your student must have at least a 3.0 GPA or a strong recommendation from their counselor or high school administrator. If your student is ready to take that next step and become a Trine Dual Enrollment Student click on the link to apply! The application process does ask for completion of the Student Agreement Form and a copy of the student’s transcript. It’s best to have a digital copy of the transcript ready before you apply, if you don’t that’s okay too, just make sure to have their counselor send it to us as soon as they can so that we can process the application and enroll your student.  Apply Here

Student Handbook, Student Agreement Form, and Academic Calendar

Click on the link to access the Dual Enrollment Student Handbook, Student Agreement Form, and to access the Academic Calendar.       


For access to your students email, Moodle, and other resources and links log into MyPortal here.

Transcript Request

Need a copy of your student’s Trine transcript?  Office of the Registrar provides official transcripts for Trine/Tri-State University students and alumni. For more information or to order the official transcript go to the Transcript Request Page

Library & Resources

Does your student need some help writing papers or need some assistance finding the right research article? Look no further than the Trine Library and the Academic Affairs Office! They know exactly how to help your student succeed in their coursework.