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Interested in seeing what's available for the upcoming semester? Click on the video below to see detailed instructions on how to find available courses through Link: MyPortal

Ready to apply and become a Trine Dual Enrollment student, GREAT!

You can start the process of applying with just a few quick steps.

  1. First, click the application link below to fill out your basic application. Once you have finished the application, you will receive an automated email within 24 hours discussing your next steps and also contains your Thunder ID. 
  2. When you have that email, you can then click the Student Agreement Form link below to complete the next step. The last step will need to be completed by your school counselor by having them send an official digital copy of your transcript.
Step - by - Step Application and Student Agreement Form

ApplicationStudent Agreement Form

Now that you have completed your application and student agreement form and your counselor has submitted your transcripts, its time to enroll in some courses. Students cannot enroll themselves in courses, that can only be done by Dual Enrollment staff. To enroll in a course, follow the options below:

  1. Talk to your counselor, let them know which classes you are interested in and they can submit a request to us for you (Preferred method for non-homeschool students)  
  2. Contact us directly (best for homeschool students)
  3. Important reminder, students must meet pre-requisites before being enrolled in a course