The Spanish minor program requires 15 credit hours. Students who plan to enroll in the Spanish minor must demonstrate a second semester competency in Spanish (SPN 123). Students can enroll in SPN 113 and SPN 123 at Trine. If they seek credit for first year Spanish as a heritage speaker or due to several years of study in high school, students must take either the CLEP exam and pass with a score of 4 or higher or the AP exam and pass with a 3 or higher.  A grade of C or higher in all courses counting toward the minor is required.

Spanish Minor Course Requirements

SPN 203 Spanish III
SPN 213 Spanish IV
SPN 303 Spanish Language for Minors
SPN 313 Spanish Writing and Composition
SPN 323 Spanish Culture

Total Minor Program: 15credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Program Information


Spanish Minor


15 hours



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Angola, IN