Social Innovation


The Social Innovation minor program requires 15 credit hours.  The Social Innovation minor will empower students with the theoretical and philosophical understanding and tactical skills necessary to envision and deploy business, engineering, arts, science and technology knowledge toward social change. 

Course Requirements

SI/PHL 213 Theories and Philosophies of Social Innovation
LDR 403 Creativity, Innovation and Influence
SI 403 Social Innovation Practicum

Electives:  Select 6 hours of major or career related tactical and/or theoretical courses from the below Course Bank.  Other courses can be reviewed and approved in collaboration with student's academic advisor.
BA 123 Business Concepts
BA 343 International Business
BA 6203 Nonprofit Sector Foundations
BIO 214/214L Conservation and Laboratory
BIO 274/274L General Ecology and Laboratory
BIO 284/284L Aquatic Biology and Laboratory
BIO 334/334L Environmental Biology and Laboratory
BME 4853 Biomedical Engineering Design I
BME 4863 Biomedical Engineering Design II
CE 3103 Environmental Engineering
CE 4103 Pollution Control Technologies
CE 4113 Environmental Remediation
CE 4123 Water and Wastewater Treatment
CE 4333 Design of Water Distribution Systems and Sewers
CE 4613 Construction Methods and Equipment
CE 4713 Foundation Engineering
CHE 222 Sustainability and Process Measurement Laboratory
COM 153 Principles of Public Relations
COM 213 Business Communications
COM 233 Intercultural Communication
COM 253 Event Planning and Promotion
COM 453 Public Relations Planning and Campaigns
CRJ 563 Planning and Program Evaluation
ECO 203 Survey of Economics
ECO 323 Money and Banking
ECO 383 International Economics
EM 253 Disaster Relief and Recovery
EM 343 Incident Management
EM 383 Preparedness and Response Operations
EM 423 Social Dimensions of Disaster
ES 382 Engineering Economics
ES 4703 Operation Management and Quantitative Decision Analysis
ETD 163 Environmental Health and Safety
ETD 313 Design and Manufacture and Assembly
ETD 323 Product Design and Development
EXS 233 Drug Education
EXS 273 Nutrition
EXS 373 Health Promotion and Problems
EXS 383 Health Coaching
EXS 433 Developing Health Promotion Programs for Adults
EXS 473 Global Perspectives Health and Wellness
FIN 343/5833 International Finance
FIN 363 Venture Financing
FIN 403 Investments
FIN 5203 Finance for Engineers
GEO 303 Human Geography
LDR 343 Conflict Resolution
MGT 303 Risk Management
MGT 323 Leadership
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior
MGT 373 Facility Management
MGT 383 Principles of Project Management
MGT 443 Managing Operations
MK 323 Integrated Marketing Communications
MK 343 International Marketing
MK 353 The Global Consumer
MK 363 Commerce and Consumer Behavior
MK 423 Professional Selling
MK 373 Graphic Design Fundamentals
PET 323 Plastics Product Design
PET 333 Plastics Mold Engineering and Design
PSY/SOC 343 Social Psychology
PSY 363 Human Behavior and Counseling
PSY 373 Political Psychology
PSY 413 The Psychology of Addiction
PSY 433 Issues of Substance Abuse in Family Systems
SOC 323 The Family

Total Minor Program: 15 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Program Information


Social Innovation Minor


15 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN