Pre-Medical Professional Track Faculty

Students working with skeleton in lab

Vicki Moravec
Chair, Department of Science
Professor of Chemistry
B.S. - Purdue University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois
Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education
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Angela Bojrab
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of Pre-Health Professions
B.S. - Purdue University, Fort Wayne
D.P.M. - Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
D.P.M. - Sisters of Charity Hospital, New York
Specialty: Anatomy and Physiology
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Samuel A. Drerup
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S. - Ohio University
M.Sc. - Wright State University
Ph.D. - Ohio University
Aquatic Ecology, Giogeochemistry, Restoration Ecology
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Steven Dulaney

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.A. - Adrian College
Ph.D.- Michigan State University
Specialty: Carbohydrate Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
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Chad Keefer  
Assistant Professor
B.S./M.A./Ed.D. - Ball State University
Specialty: Physics, Physical/Organic Chemistry
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Tony Layson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.Sc. - Indiana University, Purdue University - Fort Wayne
Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry
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Cindy Neyer
Assistant Professor
B.S. - University of Kansas
Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Physics
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Hong Park  
Associate Professor  
B.S. - Pukyuong National University, South Korea
Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Specialty: Genetics
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Pre-Medical Professional Track Advisory Board:

Angela Bojrab, D.P.M.
Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
Chair, Pre-Medical Professional Track Advisory Board

Michael Blaz, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Ira Jones, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Biology and Chemistry

Vicki Moravec, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry
Chair, Department of Science

John Wagner, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering