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The Pre-Medical Professional Track is designed for students interested in preparing themselves for a career in the health sciences. The track can be associated with any major offered at Trine such as biology, chemistry, forensic science, psychology, and chemical engineering. In addition to the curricular requirements of the student's major, the Pre-Medical Professional Track includes coursework in the following areas:

Requirements - 51-53 Hours

BIO 114 Principles of Biology I and Lab
BIO 124 Principles of Biology II and Lab
  OR BIO 343 Cell Biology
CH 104 General Chemistry I and Lab
CH 114 General Chemistry II and Lab
  OR CH 155 Honors Advanced General Chemistry and Lab                
CH 204 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
CH 214 Organic Chemistry II and Lab
CH 434 Biochemistry I and Lab
MA 134 Calculus I
MA 253 Statistics

PH 154 College Physics I and Lab
    and PH 164 College Physics II and Lab
OR PH 224 University Physics I and Lab
    and PH 234 University Physics II and Lab
PSY 113 Principles in Psychology
SOC 103 Sociology
PHL 313 Ethics

To be a competitive Medical School Applicant, students in the track must achieve at least a "B+" grade in all science courses listed above. Honors courses are highly recommended. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better to remain in the pre-med track. Students meet regularly with the Pre-Health adviser to assess readiness for the medical school application process. Interested students should self enroll using the Pre-Health Science Declaration Form found in MyPortal on the Student tab during the annual open enrollment period in November.