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Are you interested in criminal justiceforensic science and psychology, but are unsure which major to choose? Have you thought about careers involving gene cloning, biotechnology, or agrochemicals, but cannot decide on majoring in either biology or chemistry? Are you strong in mathematics yet thinking about other fields of study? Perhaps someday you would like to work in public relations or journalism, but also have an interest in marketing and, as a result, are unsure about a major in communication or English.

If you are like so many other young people with an array of interests in arts and sciences fields, you might want to consider beginning your studies at Trine as a general arts and sciences student.

The Experience

The general arts and science program affords you the opportunity to enroll full-time, take classes in your areas of interest, become better acquainted with the course offerings and faculty members in those areas, and ultimately decide on a major that best suits your educational and projected career needs.

The Results

Explore your options before deciding on a major. Your experiences will help you to excel in not only your career, but your life.


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General Arts and Sciences Studies



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