Exercise Science


This minor enables students to gain experience in exercise science and has an emphasis on helping others with injury, illness or to optimize health. Many students are interested in studying nutrition, health, wellness and human performance.

Course Requirements

EXS 483 Professional Development in Exercise Science
Choose 12 Credits from the following:
BIO 154 Human Body Systems
EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
EXS 103 Teaching Sport Skills I
EXS 273 Nutrition
EXS 283 Fitness Evaluation Assessments
EXS 333 Kinesiology
EXS 353 Exercise Physiology
EXS 373 Health Promotion and Problems

Total in minor program: 15 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Program Information


Exercise Science Minor


15 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN