Sport Marketing and Sales Track

The business of sport is ultra-competitive. Students looking to stand out in sport with marketing and sales skills should consider this track.

Relevant Coursework (Choose 9 hours):
BA 333 Social Media for Business
COM 353 Public Relations Writing & Production
MK 323 Integrated Marketing Communication
MK 423 Professional Selling
MK 433 Marketing Strategy

Alumni in the industry
Andy Myers, 2020 Sport Management

Andy Myers, a 2020 Ketner School of Business alumnus, works for the Detroit Pistons as a Group Sales Account Executive. While there are many things that Andy loves about the career path he chose, his favorite part is working with his clients on initiatives that mean more than just collecting a credit card to generate sales. "The Special Olympics of Michigan is one of my clients and we collaborated on an experience to allow 100 high school students with special needs to be able to play basketball games on the Pistons home court," says Andy.

Andy shares that there are three things you need to break into the sales industry:

  • Consistently hustle: It's not rocket science, you just have to be willing to put in the work needed.
  • Be coachable: You're going to make mistakes and you're going to lose sales. You just have to learn from those instances.
  • Be likable: You will spend more time with your colleagues than anyone else, so you will want to get along with them.

"Trine gave me the platform and the tools necessary to break out of my shell and feel confident in myself as a professional," says Andy. "I truly would not be where I'm at today without the Ketner School of Business."

Andy Myers

Andy suggests that students get involved, challenge themselves, and find a professor they enjoy and be in their office non-stop to pick their brain. That way, when a company reaches out to professors about their top students, your name is one that comes up.