Mathematics Education Alumni

Carlye Snider - 2012
Major:  Mathematics Education
Warsaw High School, Warsaw, Indiana

Accomplishments since graduating from Trine:

Carlye has taken part in a STEM Initiative within Warsaw Community Schools and also is the Freshman Girls' Basketball Coach.

Best Memories of Trine:

"One of my favorite experiences at Trine was sharing our experiences I have from our student teaching experiences at the end of my senior year. It is great to hear about all of the "light-bulb" moments within a classroom!"

Teaching is a very rewarding career, just remember, when it comes down to it it's about the kids and their learning!

Alex Gregg -  2012
Major: Mathematics Education
Employer: Brownsburg High School, Brownsburg, Indiana

Accomplishments since graduating from Trine:

I moved to Indianapolis in July of 2012 after being offered a teaching position in Brownsburg. I am currently in my second year teaching, which makes me feel very accomplished that I made it through my first year J. I am also currently the Head JV Men's Lacrosse Coach at Zionsville Community High School (Brownsburg does not have a lacrosse team, yet).

My first year at Brownsburg, I taught Geometry and Algebra II. I was honored when my department head asked me to take over the Co-Taught Algebra II classes. She told me I had a "great rapport with the students" and am able to easily relate with them. I was nervous at first, but it has turned out to be a great experience teaching in a co-taught environment.

Best Memories of Trine:

First of all, I loved how open and welcoming the Franks School of Education offices were. I felt that whenever I needed to or just wanted to, I could always visit the offices and speak with all the professors. Everyone was always willing to help or just have a chat.

Second, looking back, I am so happy that Trine put me in the classroom right away. If you want to be an educator, you shouldn't have to wait 4 years to find out what it's like. Freshman year, we were in classrooms observing and gaining experience. It was great because by the time student teaching came around, it was like any other semester.

Third, class sizes were very nice. Most of my classes were perfectly sized so that no one ever got overlooked.

There are many other memories I have that make me want to do it all over again.

I am very happy with my decision to become a teacher. Always try to remember, it will be easy to overwork yourself as a teacher, especially that first year, but try to find time to build memories and morals that your students can remember for years to come.