Amber Northrup - 2012

Major: Elementary Education
Employer: East Noble School Corporation, Wayne Center Elementary School, Kendallville, Indiana

Accomplishments since graduating from Trine:  Amber is teaching in a 5th grade classroom at Wayne Center Elementary School.             

Best Memories of Trine: 
"My best memories are all of being with a tight-knit education department group. The education program is fairly small, and everyone has a majority of the same classes. It was great getting to know my classmates, and knowing most, if not all, of my classmates in every class. " 

Elizabeth "Bizz" Fisher - 2013

Major: Elementary Education with Middle School Math & Science
Employer:  Brunswick City School District, Kidder Elementary, Brunswick, Ohio

Best Memories of Trine: "My fondest memory of Trine University is how many situations they put you in to prepare you for the real experience. Because of these "mock" interviews and teaching "interruptions," I'm more prepared than I even could be for my own classroom! I've shocked many, including my principals and evaluators, in how easily I respond to situations in the classroom that normally knock a new teacher off their feet. :)"

"While attending an "entry year teachers" meeting, I listened to the other participants express their lack of training in various situations. I was proud to say that my university prepared me for all those situations. Everyday I am more than ecstatic with my decision to attend Trine University. I cannot gather into words how much I am thankful for the experiences you have given us through our education."