The Bachelor of Arts with a major in English curriculum requires the completion of 120 hours of course work. The average course load is 15 hours based on eight semesters.

General Education – 42 hours:

Written Communication - 6 hrs.
ENG 143 College  Composition 
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar

Oral Communication – 3 hrs.
SP 203 Effective Speaking

Social Science and Humanities – 12 hrs.
*must include 2 courses each from Social Science and Humanities and be on the grid.
ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
ENG 363 The English Language
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
Additional course from Social Science – 3 hrs.

Mathematics and Science – 9 hrs.
*must include at least one math and one science course.

Other – 12 hrs.
ENG 433 Shakespeare and His Times
COM 363 Rhetoric and Persuasion
COM 203 Media and Society
Additional 3 credits of General Education

Program Requirements – 45 hours:

Composition Core – 21 hrs.
ENG 133 Technical Communication
ENG 273 Creative Writing
ENG 412 Writing Center Consulting
ENG 411L Writing Center Consulting Lab
ENG 303 Advanced Technical Communication
or ENG 453 Advanced Composition 

Electives in communication courses (selected in consultation with advisor) – 9 hrs.
COM 183 Writing for Media
COM 253 Event Planning and Promotion
COM 343 Web Content Management
COM 353 PR Writing and Production
COM 383 Feature Reporting
COM 413 Corporate and Organizational Communication
COM 483 Public Affairs Reporting
or other communication course approved by advisor

Literature Core – 21 hrs.
Take 3 of these 5 survey courses:
ENG 2013 British Literature I
ENG 2023 British Literature II
ENG 2113 American Literature I 
ENG 2123 American Literature II
ENG 253 Readings in World Literature

Take the following:
ENG 373 Literary Theory

Literature electives (or other literature course approved by advisor) – 9 hrs.
ENG 233 Mythology
ENG 263 Contemporary Themes in Literature
ENG 3303 The Bible as Literature
ENG 3313 Graphic Novels
ENG 423 Drama
ENG 443 Poetry
FLM 203 Film Appreciation

Program Core – 3 hrs.
ENG 4013 Capstone Study in English
COM 4013 Senior Capstone Internship in Communication

Additional Requirements – 33 hours:

UE 101 University Experience
Free Electives – 29 hrs.

Students are strongly encouraged to pick up a minor with elective hours in a field related to future career goals. For example, a student interested in technical writing might choose to minor in communication, biology or one of the other sciences. A student interested in graduate study might choose a minor in history, psychology, or communication.