A passion for caregiving

Tricia WidenhoeferTricia Widenhoefer

Trine University - College of Health Professions

B.A., biology, M.S., physical therapy, University of Indianapolis, DPT, University of Montana
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When I was young I knew I wanted to take care of others, and the physical therapy profession has allowed me to do just that. Upon graduation from physical therapy school, I started working at Parkview Hospital in acute care, skilled nursing and inpatient rehabilitation. As a caregiver, I was able to truly make a difference in the lives of others. I found my passion working with patients with brain injury, and obtained my brain injury specialty certification in 2008. My love for patients and customer service continued to grow as I transitioned into a leadership role.  As the Rehab manager at Parkview Regional Medical Center I was able to care not only for the patients, but for my co-workers as well. In 2016 I transitioned to Trine where I now share my patient care and leadership experiences with students, hopefully instilling in them that same love of caregiving and passion for helping others. I continue to work in Acute Care a few hours a month and obtained my certified stroke rehabilitation specialty in 2019.  

As Director of Clinical Education for full-time clinicals, I think I have the best job here! I enjoy getting to know students and their personalities, and then help them create an individualized clinical education plan. I also appreciate their honesty and creativity during class and hope they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the type of physical therapist they want to become. While spending time with our clinical partners, I get to see our students in action, meet new people, and help community members connect. Finally, I feel blessed to work with incredible faculty who want the best for the students and each other.

When not working, I love spending time with my husband, Matt, our children, Grant, Graham and Grace, and our dog, Leo. I like to walk, travel, read, bake, shop, volunteer at our church, and spend time at the lake.