Passions for viruses and teaching

Angela Bergerangela berger

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
B.S., biochemistry and molecular biology/biotechnology, Michigan State University; Ph.D., biochemistry, Indiana University
260.665.4333 | email

During my undergraduate studies, I knew I was interested in science, but wasn’t sure what area. I enjoyed learning about a variety of fields, including biochemistry, parasitology, anthropology, biology and forensic science. It wasn’t until graduate school that I found my two passions: viruses and teaching.

These simple yet complex particles never cease to amaze me. As a graduate student, connecting with younger students and sharing my experiences and knowledge awakened my interest in teaching. Since that first day as an associate instructor, I have tried to work with students as often as possible. I love biology and research, and I found I love teaching others about it even more.

I am excited to return home to the Great Lakes region. I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially during the fall, when the colors here are unlike any other place I’ve lived. My hobbies include reading, hiking and stained glass.