Sharing the joy of learning through experience

Laurie Stockton-Morenolaurie stockton moreno

Trine University - Franks School of Education
B.Arch., M. Arch., The University of Texas at Arlington; Montessori Early Childhood teaching credential, The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes; Montessori E-I (6-9) teaching credential, St. Catherine University
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The most effective preparation for life is experiential. As Director of the Center for Montessori Education, I have the opportunity each day to share Montessori principles such as beautifully prepared environments, use of hands-on manipulatives, the need to educate the senses, and freedom of choice.

My hope is that my students will experience personal transformation that comes with deep understanding of human development, the needs and tendencies of children, and methodology that opens the door to true lifelong learning. I endeavor to nurture the human spirit in my students, who will then inherit the privilege of nurturing the spirit of those they teach.

As preparation for my role at Trine University, I spent two decades working in richly authentic Montessori environments, teaching young children and adult learners. I love to travel and experience new cultures and the uniqueness of “place.” My passion is sharing Montessori pedagogy and the value of arts integration. I have been very fortunate, together with my husband, Mark, to raise three wonderful daughters along the way.