An international man of history

Mike Biegasmike beigas

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
B.A. Tri–State University in social science, doctoral candidate, M.A. -  Michigan State University, currently working on dissertation
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I joined Trine in 1995 as the technician in the Wade Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. While working there I earned a B.A. at Tri–State University with a major in social studies. I went on to graduate school in American history at Michigan State University. I am working on my dissertation to complete my doctorate in the field of history, technology and society. I started teaching history in 2005.

I teach the courses World Civilizations I and II, American History II, The U.S as a World Power, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Contemporary World.

I enjoy a great number of hobbies. In no particular order, I like running, antique autos, reading, opera, classical music and collecting watches, but often I am too busy working on my dissertation and teaching to engage in any of them!