Lifetime Guarantee Program

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Trine′s Lifetime Guarantee Program is offered to first-year, full time students entering in the fall semester. The program features a four-year graduation guarantee or fifth year of free tuition*. Other highlights of the plan are guaranteed annual increases in merit-based awards, free services offered by the Office of Career Services, free lifelong learning and family support.

Lifetime Guarantee or Fifth-Year Tuition Free*

  • Must make “satisfactory progress” toward an undergraduate degree as defined by the requirements of the degree program.
  • Must sign Lifetime Guarantee Application and a personalized Four-Year Academic Plan.
  • Must have paid eight semesters of regular full-time undergraduate tuition.
  • Must maintain requirements of degree map for intended major.

Guaranteed Annual Increases in Merit-Based Awards 

  • After successful completion of first year with a minimum GPA of 2.75, merit award increases by $500. Must have earned a minimum of 32 credits.
  • After successful completion of second year with a minimum GPA of 3.00, merit award increases by $500. Must have earned a minimum of 64 credits.
  • After successful completion of third year with a minimum GPA of 3.25, merit award increases by $500. Must have earned a minimum of 96 credits.

Guaranteed Family Support

  • Trine University’s Office of Financial Aid will review the financial aid eligibility of any student whose primary wage earning parent/guardian (FAFSA filer) has passed away during the time the student is enrolled at Trine.

Guaranteed Career Services

  • All services offered by Trine University’s Office of Career Services will be made available to any full-time student or graduate of Trine University.

Guaranteed Lifelong Learning**

  • For a lifetime, any graduate of Trine University may enroll, for no credit or tuition cost, in any undergraduate seated or online course at Trine.
  • For a lifetime, any graduate of Trine University may participate, for no credit or tuition cost, in any course discussions, colloquies, chats, etc. which are offered seated or online.

The Student’s Commitment:

  • Must be a first-year, full-time undergraduate student enrolled beginning in a fall semester.
  • Must be committed to completing a degree in no more than eight semesters.
  • Foundation or undeclared students must complete deficiencies/prerequisites in a timely manner and select a major by the beginning of the second year to have a one-time opportunity to opt in and enroll in the Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Must make “satisfactory progress” toward a degree as defined by the requirements of the degree program.
  • A student’s desire to participate in an internship, co-op or semester/year abroad program will appropriately adjust the four-year course plan and delay the guarantee’s program end date.

The University’s Commitment:

  • A personal academic advisor will be assigned to assist the student in designing a four-year degree plan, and ensure the student’s progress to meet the requirement of the plan.
  • Academic advisor will review the student’s progress each semester.
  • A “change of major” is allowed when the personal academic advisor and department chair of the new major have determined the student can “reasonably” comply with the original intent of the guarantee.
  • In the unlikely event of the unavailability of a required course, the department chair has the authority to make a course substitution or independent study option to remain in compliance with the guarantee. If this cannot be reasonably accomplished and leads to the student’s four-year plan being compromised, the University will assume the cost of any future tuition after the four-year plan period.

*Lifetime Guarantee Eligibility Requirements: Beginning fall 2013 first-year, full-time undergraduate students entering fall semester of each academic year will be offered the Lifetime Guarantee, provided the student meets eligibility requirements and signs a Lifetime Guarantee Application (LGA) within two weeks from the start of fall classes. The Lifetime Guarantee includes a four-year, semester-to-semester course plan, which will be designed by the student’s personal academic advisor to ensure the student’s progress toward completing a degree. Provided the student has met the obligations of his or her plan, but has not graduated within the four years as planned, Trine University will assume the cost of undergraduate tuition for any and all additional credit needed toward completion of the student’s Trine University degree (does not include any other expenses assumed by the student). All undergraduate degree programs of 120 or more credit hours are eligible (does not extend to double majors, graduate programs, certain foundation students, 3+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy or 3+2 Master of Physician Assistant Studies).

** Cost of materials, books, travel, fees, etc. will be the responsibility of the individual student. Course enrollment is on a space-available basis.